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A Great British Cheese Selection box

A Great British cheese selection featuring Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Oxford Blue, Somerset Camembert, Little Sussex (ewes milk brie-style), Godminster organic cheddar & Black Bomber extra mature cheddar. A Perfect Cheese Gift or Cheeseboard for up to 10 people.


Barkham Blue

It has a rich blue taste, smooth buttery texture with a melt in the mouth flavour, without the harshness associated with some blue cheese.


Cropwell Bishop Stilton

A supremely creamy Stilton from the same dairy as Colston Bassett.


Farleigh Wallop Alex James No.2

This is another little gem from Alex James. Petite as usual and simply goat with a freshness that is delightful.


Godminster Heart waxed 400g

A firm pressed, distinctively burgundy-waxed cheddar with a rich, mellow, full lingering flavour. Perfect gift for the one you love. "Better than socks for Dad" says Mr Cheese.



Continental style cheese made in Sussex. This certainly tickled my taste buds when I was given a taster. Its from Allsop and Walker of East Sussex. It resembles Emmental in both looks and taste. Its a firm cheese, but melts in the mouth with nutty under tones.



A Soft, creamy, mould-ripened cheese made in the French region of Normandy. One of the oldest cheeses in France


Peters Yard Crispbread minis

Artisan crispbread - mini size box (105g) Perfect for canapes and dips or as a biscuit for cheese, contains about 40 mini crispbreads. Milk, rye and wheat flours, honey, sourdough, salt and yeast.


Red Leicester Sparkenhoe

Handmade from the milk produced by their own dairy at Sparkenhoe Farm. Their cows graze the lush Leicestershire pastures near Market Bosworth. A true revival of a fabulous cheese, nutty, sweet with a citrus finish. Cloth bound and matured for six months on beech shelves. Recently featured by The Baker Bros series on Channel 4.


Ribblesdale Superior

Mild and piquant, with a silky smooth and creamy texture. Wax rind.


Stinking Bishop

Sweet fruity cheese which is buttery and indulgent.


Vacherin Mont Dor AOC 480g round

Amazingly creamy and gorgeous, let it soften and just dip in. Only available September to March. Perfect baked to share at the end of a dinner party or as a starter.